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We created an article collection, with several pieces of advice to discover the wonderful city of Venice. Come to discover what this unique city has to offer, and all its secrets.

Two days are not a lot, but nor they are few and with some suggestions (and advice) you could see the “must see” things of Venice.

A week in Venice is the right time frame to enjoy it in all its facets, appreciating the most beautiful and characteristic things of this city, rich of history and tradition.

New Year’s Eve in Venice is an unusual event, because Venice is a very peculiar city. This event in Venice is a an opportunity for an holiday to discover one of the most beautiful city of the world.

The beautiful city of Venice is famous for a lot of things: the attractions like squares and churches, and events that attract a lot of tourists. One of them is Carnival of Venice 2023: it is an event that makes people fun, both adults and children, thanks to its cheerful and festive atmosphere.

In this article we have tried to find out the informations that could be helpful for visiting Venice with kids

The art cities are often visited during the mid seasons, but there is no off- season in Venice.

Calli and campielli that create a open-air maze, ancient historical palaces, majestic and noble theatres, amazing churches always full of people, a huge number of bridges that links the opposite sides of the canals: this is Venice, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, that is the favourite destination of millions of tourists that every year choose Venice for their holidays, because of the uniqueness and the spectacularity that only this magical city can give to its visitors.

Venice is a city rich of history and tradition and, even if is not so big, there are a lot of things to do and a lot of attractions to see in 3 days. If you have only few time available you should organize it in the best way to do what you like, without forgetting that there are “mandatory steps”

Venice welcomes thousands of tourists every from all over the world and most often during the main events (but not only in these days), if you are interested to visit museums or other attractions, the queue at the ticket office and at the entrance could be very annoying even if you are very patient.

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it offers many opportunities to discover its history (it is an open-air museum) as well as to try out new things to do (gondola or ferry boat tours, “bacari” visits, shopping etc…)

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