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Venice vaporetto line 12 ACTV

The Venice vaporetto Line 12 (vaporetto is the term used in Venice for water-buses) connects the city with the main spots of the Laguna nord (northern lagoon)

This water-bus line is ideal for those tourists who wish to make a tour of the main islands of the Venetian archipelago. By taking the line 12 you can reach the Murano, Burano and Torcello islands.

In this article you will find information on timetables, stops and a variety of points of interest located near the  vaporetto stops of line 12 to help you best organize your next vacation in Venice.

Vaporetto Line 12 ACTV

Vaporetto line 12 is part of the lagoon lines which offers passenger transport services from the stop Fondamente Nove. Along its itinerary this line stops at the islands Murano, Burano and Torcello and ends its journey at Treporti.

The water-bus line 12 sails the lagoon and completes its itinerary in about 50 minutes and by taking this line you can enjoy a tour of the Venetian islands using a single means of transport.


Vaporetto line 12 ACTV tickets

Here you can purchase your vaporetto tickets commission free! Buy online and skip the line at the box offices.

Online tickets and physical tickets are the same price!

75′: 9.50€; 1 day: 25€; 2 days: 35€; 3 days: 45€; 7 days: 65€

Line 12 route and stops

Sailing off from the stop Fondamente Nove in Venice, the vaporetto line 12 navigates along the lagoon towards Treporti and stops at the main islands of the archipelago along its jounery . Let’s see all the stops of the itinerary in detail:


Please note that the busiest stops (usually those closest to the main attractions) have more than one platform, and all are located close to one another. Each pier is indicated by the name of the stop and then a letter in progression.

Bear in mind that the stops to and from are on the same platform. Be careful which direction the boat you are about to board travels to.

Water-bus line 12 timetables

Before illustrating the vaporetto line 12 timetables in detail, be aware that timetables are subject to seasonal variation – they may change slightly between summer and winter

Line 12 of the public transport agency ACTV is active during daytime on weekdays (from Monday to Saturday).
The line is active from approximately 4:20 a.m. to 10:20 p.m. and rides are available every 30 minutes.

At certain hours in the morning and evening (that we will see more in detail in the next paragraphs) it is possible to travel from Treporti to Punta Sabbioni via public ACTV bus transport (Further information is available on the official ACTV site).

Vaporetto line 12 night service

Line 12 is a line active exclusively during the day, however ACTV offers an almost equivalent night-time service: line NLN (night service northern lagoon) which makes the same stops as line 12.

More precisely, in the path from F.te Nove to Treporti rides are available from 11:20 p.m. to 3 a.m. circa.
The opposite route, from Treporti to F.te Nove begins at 12:15 a.m. and the last ride is at 4 a.m.

For more detailed up-to-date information and time sheets we suggest checking the official ACTV site – Line NLN.


Vaporetto line 12 ACTV tickets

Here you can purchase your vaporetto tickets commission free! Buy online and skip the line at the box offices.

Online tickets and physical tickets are the same price!

75′: 9.50€; 1 day: 25€; 2 days: 35€; 3 days: 45€; 7 days: 65€

Vaporetto line 12 stops and attractions

By taking the vaporetto line 12 it is possible to closely observe the lagoon and visit a number of points of interest located in the Venetian islands. Let’s see what you can visit more in detail:


  • F.TE NOVE “A” at this stop you can admire the picturesque view towards the island of San Michele while resting in one of the bacari (typical Venetian pub) next to the vaporetto stop.


  • MURANO FARO: Among the various attractions located in the island, the Museum of Glass is one of those we strongly suggest you visit. Visiting this museum you can admire the glasswork masterfully created by local artisans over the course of centuries.
    In Murano you cannot miss a visit to the artistic furnaces and glass laboratories where you can enjoy a demonstration by the venetian artisans, but also purchase the glass art pieces that they produce.
    By missing this opportunnity one cannot say to have truly visited the Island.


  • MAZZORBO:Among the most interesting sites of this place, its cultivated areas certainly stand out. Well-kn0wn in this area are the “castrature di Mazzorbo”, the first fruit of the artichoke plant.
    In order to immerse yourself in the agricultural traditions of Mazzorbo we suggest you organize a visit (which is free) to the Tenuta Venissa, a wine farm where the uva Dorona – a variety of grape native of this place – is produced.
    From this estate you can then reach the island of Burano on foot though the Ponte longo (dialect for Long Bridge, the name was given by the inhabitants of Mazzorbo)


  • TORCELLO: Once you get off in Torcello our advice is to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, which is one of the most renowned places of cult not only of the Torcello island, but of the whole Venetian lagoon. The architecture fully reflects the Venetian-Byzantine style and inside, in addition to the various marble coverings, you can find mosaics of great value such as the Last Judgement.


  • BURANO: In Burano you can discover the vibrant and colorful houses, which are the symbol of this place. There is one among them that ou should not miss: the house of Bepi Suà, also known as Bepi delle caramelle (Bepi who gives out candy). He was called so becausehe used to sell candy in the island’s square. Every day he used to draw a new picture on the walls of his house, and now it has become one of the most peculiar in the whole island of Burano.Another hallmark of the island is the art of merletto (crochet). Walking around the island you will certainly be able to admire and visit numerous artisanal shops where local women sell and display their works of art.

Cosa visitare a Burano - Venezia-help.com


  • TREPORTI: One of the most pleasant and appreciated activities by tourists in Cavallino Treporti is certainly the opportunity to enjoy cycling while admiring the quiet landscapes of the lagoon . Cavallino Treporti  is located in a strip of land in the lagoon between islets, vegetation, and fishing valleys where you can spot birds of all kinds, even colonies of flamingos!


  • PUNTA SABBIONI at certain times of day it is possible to reach Punta Sabbioni via public autobus service. In Punta Sabbioni it is possible to visit Forte Treporti also called Forte Vecchio. It is one of the best preserved nineteenth-century fortresses of the northern Venetian lagoon.Today this fortess is part of the museum itinerary “la Via dei Forti”

Vaporetto line 12 ACTV tickets and fares

Venice vaporettos are operated by the local transit authority ACTV. To travel on the water-buses, you’ll need either a single-fare ticket (valid for 75 minutes), all-day or multi-day ticket (available up to 7 days).

ACTV vaporetto tickets allow unlimited travel on public water during the validity period of the ticket you purchased.

Based on the number of days of your stay in Venice, you can choose among a variety of tickets.
Since the fares are fixed by ACTV, you will find the same prices both at the ticket office and online.

In order to save up on transport money, we suggest you organize your schedule to make the most efficient use of your vaporetto tickets.

Vaporetto tickets are available at the following prices:

  • single fare ticket (75′): 9,50€
  • 1 day ticket: 25 €
  • 2 days ticket: 35 €
  • 3 days ticket: 45 €
  • 7 days ticket: 65 €

Vaporetto line 12 ACTV

Here you can purchase your vaporetto tickets commission free! Buy online and skip the line at the box offices.

Online tickets and physical tickets are the same price!

75′: 9.50€; 1 day: 25€; 2 days: 35€; 3 days: 45€; 7 days: 65€

Water-bus line 12 discounts and reductions

Here are some reductions available for vaporetto Line 12 ACTV:

  • Children under the age of 6 ride free
  • Young people between 6 and 26 can buy discounted 3-day tickets
  • Passengers in a wheelchair can purchase discounted single-fare ticket. If accompanied, the other person does not pay.

The vaporetto line 12 ACTV tickets are not refundable and cannot be exchanged.
You must validate tickets before boarding. Look for the white electronic card reader near the vaporetto platform.

Which ticket is more convenient?

Clearly the convenience of each vaporetto ticket depends on some variables such as your itinerary, period of stay and frequency of use of public tranport.

Line 12 is generally used by tourists to make the tour of the main islands in the Venetian archipelago, therefore even if you only want to visit the most well known Murano, Burano and Torcello, it is very likely that you will take the vaporetto at least three times in the course of the day. In this case purchasing a daily ticket is the most cost-effective solution.

Buy vaporetto line 12 tickets

Vaporetto line 12 ACTV tickets are available both online and at the box offices located next to the vaporetto platforms in Venice.
The online and in-person prices are the same, however there are some advantages that only purchasing your tickets online can offer.

Buy tickets online

Most online websites allow you to purchase your vaporetto line 12 tickets directly on your smartphone, so you can skip the long queues in front of the box offices and go to the vaporetto platforms straight away.
You can buy your tickets ahead of time, because their validity is calculated upon the first validation.

The opportunity to buy tickets online can prove very useful even when you’re alrealy discovering Venice and its islands. Tourists often risk missing their water-bus because of the long lines at the box offices or find themselves at stops with no ticket stands.

For this reason buying online is practical. Moreover, you’ll have your tickets on your phone, so you won’t risk losing or demagnetizing them by accident.

Buy tickets at physical ticket offices

You can buy vaporetto line 12 tickets in person at the ticket offices in Venice (usually located next to the platforms) or in authorized retailers in the old town (recognizable by the ACTV logo)

Buying tickets at the box offices can be useful if you need to ask for directions and information, however be aware that some sellers might not speak English.
However, many are the instances in which purchasing tickets in person is impractical.

ACTV ticket offices in Venice are located outdoors, and naturally can have very long queues of tourists waiting in front of them.
The space in front of the ticket offices is not covered, so you might find yourself waiting in line, exposed to the elements.
Waiting under the sun or the rain is certainly really uncomfortable, especially when travelling with children, elders or people with disabilities.

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