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Venice Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV

Together with line 5.1, the vaporetto line 5.2 of the public transport agency Actv offers a particularly rich route around the external perimeter of Venice. Travelling by boat you can reach areas of the city that may be far apart, and then continue to discover the city on foot.

Line 5.2 is part of the gira città lines : it sails off from the Venetian Lido and navigates aroud the city while offering a picturesque view over the lagoon and making all the main stops along the way.

In this article you will find information on timetables, stops and travel suggestions for your next itnerary travelling with line 5.2. You will also find the difference between line 5.1 and 5.2 explained to help you best organize your next vacation in Venice.

Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV

Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV begins its itinerary at the Lido, it then travels towards Venice navigating in clockwise along the perimeter and stopping close to renowned spots such as St. Mark’s Square, the island of San Michele and the Jewish ghetto.

Line 5.2 completes its itinerary  around the city in around an hour and 20 minutes.

If you have planned a visit to the Venetian Lido, consider which part of Venice you are at. If you find yourself in a “peripherical” area of Venice (closer to the laguna), we suggest you take either line 5.1 or 5.2. Whereas if you are closer to the Grand Canal or in a more internal part of the city, then Line 1 could perhaps be a more practical and rapid solution.

Differenze tra la linea 5.1 e 5.2

Le Linee 5.1 e 5.2 del vaporetto compiono lo stesso percorso e le stesse fermate, ma navigano in direzioni opposte.
Vi consigliamo dunque di continuare a leggere questo articolo per valutare quale corsa sia più adatta al vostro itinerario.

Una seconda importante differenza sta negli orari:

  • La linea 5.1 compie l’itinerario completo tra le 6:20 e le 20:20
  • Le corse della linea 5.2 invece partono dalle 5:50 fino alle 19:30.

Vediamo ora più nel dettaglio le fermate e gli orari della linea 5.2.

Vaporetto Line 5.2 ACTV route and stops

Line 5.2 begins is journey at the Lido and travels all around Venice and makes some of main stops of the historic center such as the bus station Piazzale Roma, the train station “Ferrovia” and San Zaccaria – San Marco, not far from St. Mark’s Square and Basilica. After sailing around Venice, the vaporetto heads back to the Lido.
Let’s now see more in detail all the stops of line 5.2.

Please note that the busiest stops (usually those closest to the main attractions) have more than one platform, and all are located close to one another. Each pier is indicated by the name of the stop and then a letter in progression.

Bear in mind that the stops to and from Murano are on the same platform, not on the opposite sides of the canal. Be careful which direction the boat you are about to board travels to.

The itinerary of line 5.2 consists in these stops:

Lido S.M.E.

LIDO S.M.E. from this stop you can travel with line 1 (it sails through the heart of Venice via Grand Canal), line 6 and line 14 (it connects Venice with Punta Sabbioni and the island of Burano)


  • S.ELENA – Stadio P.L. Penzo “B”
  • P.LE ROMA “D”
  • GUGLIE “A”
  • ORTO
  • F.TE NOVE “D” from this stop you can take vaporetto line 12 and visit the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Vaporetto line 5.2 tickets

Here you can purchase your vaporetto tickets commission free! Buy online and skip the line at the box offices.

Online tickets and physical tickets are the same price!

75′: 9.50€; 1 day: 25€; 2 days: 35€; 3 days: 45€; 7 days: 65€

Line 5.1 or 5.2? Which one you shoud choose

In order to decide which vapoetto line to take, it is useful to consider in advance what attractions you would like to visit (and therefore which stops are closer to your destination) and check which one of the two lines will take you there in the shortest time.
Since these lines follow the same route in opposite directions, the last stops on line 5.1 will be the first stops on line 5.2 and vice versa.

Depending on which stop you are at, consulting a map check in which direction your destination is located, so then you can opt for one line instead of the other.
In doing so, remember that the stops of line 5.1 and 5.2 are the same. In some cases the two vaporetto lines stop at different piers, for instance F.te Nove “C” and “D”, they are located few steps from one another.
For this reason, even in case of error you can get off at the next stop and get on the vaporetto of the other line a few minutes later.

Venice vaporetto line 5.2 timetables

Line 5.2 is active every day during daytime.

In Venice vaporetto timetables are subject to change and seasonal variation.
Although the changes are minor, we recommend always checking the official ACTV site – Line 5.2 and/or the timetables indicated on the displays next to the piers for up-to-date information.

Generally the vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV is active from 5:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. with rides availableapproximately every 20 minutes.

Il vaporetto 5.2 compie il percorso completo negli orari tra le 5:50 e le 19:30. Tra le 19.50 e le 22:40 il percorso ridotto parte dal Lido e termina a F.te Nove “D” mentre tra le 23 e 00:20 dal Lido il percorso si conclude a Ferrovia “D”.

Vaporetto line 5.2 makes the complete itinerary between 5:50 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Between 7:50 p.m. and 10:40 p.m. the route is limited to part of the stops:the path starts at Lido and ends at Fondamente Nove “D”.
Whereas between 11 p.m. and 12:20 p.m. the itinerary will end at Ferrovia “D”.

Line 5.2 night service

Vaporetto line 5.2 is mainly active during the day and there is no exact night-time equivalent that follows the same panoramic route.

However, ACTV provides a the nocturnal line N, which is in service from 11:30 p.m. and 4 a.m., has some stops in common with line 5.2 and ends its itinerary at the Lido. Differently from line 5.1, line N stops at Rialto, Tronchetto and San Basilio as well.

Further information on line N stops and timetables are available on the official ACTV website – Line N.

Vaporetto line 5.2 stops and attractions

Line 5.2 offers a long panoramic route along the external perimeter of Venice offering a scenic view of the Laguna. By taking this vaporetto line, you can choose to stop at any of the stop and you will find yourself at walking distance from some of the most touristic and highly frequented  spots of the city such as San Marco, Giardini della Biennale, the bus station Piazzale Roma and the railway station.

By taking the vaporetto line 5.2 you can visit numerous points of interest. Let’s see all the destinations more in detail.

Lido S.M.E.

  • LIDO SANTA MARIA ELISABETTA “D” : this is the last stop of vaporetto line 5.1. Here you can enjoy a bycicle ride around the venetian lido to discover the naturalistic and historical beauty of this area of Venice.


  • S.ELENA – Stadio P. L. Penzo “B” getting off the vaporetto at this stop you will be few minutes away from St. Elena’s Church with its beautiful architecture  and the tranquillity of its gardens. It is possible to rest there especially after a long visit around the city.


  • GIARDINI BIENNALE “A”: the stop is located next to the Giardini della Biennale which houses the foreign pavillions of the exhibition. It is an evocative place which deserves to be visited especially during the opening period of the Biennale exhibition.


  • OSPEDALE  few minutes from this stop you can find one of the most peculiar and uniqe places in Venice: the bookhop Libreria Acqua Alta. It is a must-see when visiting the city. Entering the bookshop you will feel submerged by books: it is a picturesque place where the volumes are stored in real gondolas and the small shop is filled with books to the ceiling!


  • CELESTIA this stop is located few steps away from the church Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna. We strongly suggest you pay a visit to its inernal courtyard and antique library whose heritage comprises approximately 13,000 ancient books.


  • BACINI – Arsenale Nord here you will find the Tower of the Arsenal. From the scenic terrace of the tower you can look down on the entire city of Venice and on the lagoon.


  • S.PIETRO DI CASTELLO potete scendere qui per visitare la chiesa di San Pietro di Castello, suggestiva soprattutto all’interno per la presenza di statue, mosaici e affreschi.

San Marco

  • S.MARCO-ZACCARIA “D” this stop is located few steps away from the St. Mark’s Basilica, Palazzo Ducale and the Bridge of Sighs, which you can enjoy for free from the Paglia Bridge. If you visit Palazzo Ducale, the ticket often includes a guided tour of the Bridge of Sighs.


  • ZATTERE: stopping here you will find yourself at walking distance from the Squero di San Trovaso (a typical rowing court in Venice) you can see how gondolas are built and repaired. You can observe the Squero and the artisans at work for free by standing on the opposite side of the canal. you will find yourself next to a typical venetian pub, a bacaro, so we suggest you enjoy a spritz and some cicchetti in the meantime.


  • S.MARTA near this stop you will find one of the most ancient churches of Venice: the Chiesa di San Nicolò dei Mendicoli. This church deserves to be visited because of its historic importance and rich decorations.

Squero di San Trovaso

Connections to the mainland

  • P.LE ROMA “D” it is the bus station where you can take transfers to and from the airport. It is located a few steps away from Giardino di Papadopoli, a little quiet park, usually popular with students. We suggest you take a break there since it is one of the rare shaded areas in Venice.


  • FERROVIA “D” it is the stop across Saint Lucia’s Train Station. It is located on the opposite side of the canal to San Simeon Piccolo’s Church, the main building that you can spot when you first arrive in Venice by train. If you choose to pay a visit, we recommend checking out the crypt.

Santa Croce

  • RIVA DE BIASIO: here you can visit the Museum of Natural History of Venice, which could be an interesting visit to add to your itinerary, especially if you travel with children. The Museum organizes a number of activities involving parents and children such as interactive visits with games, hidden clues, stories and legends.


  • GUGLIE “A” if you stop here, you can visit the Jewish ghetto of Venice where the word ghetto originated! It is in fact one of the most ancient ghettos in Europe. The Jewish ghetto is a perfect place to visit if you wish to discover an alternative side of the city.


  • S.ALVISE the Monastero dei Santi Giuseppe e Bonaventura (Monastery of the Saints Joseph and Bonaventura) is an ancient Franciscan convent located few minutes away from this stop. It is a peaceful oasis to take advantage of – especially during the summer – while visiting Venice.


  • TRE ARCHI at this stop you will find the recently restored church of the Saints Job and Bernardino. We suggest you visit the Martini Chapel by Luca della Robbia which is made of decorated porcelein.


  • ORTO if you stop here you can visit the church Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto in which the famous Venetian painter Tintoretto was buried. In this church you may find some of his works. If you are an art enthusiast you could also visit Tintoretto’s house, located not far from the church.


  • F.TE NOVE “D” at this stop you can admire the picturesque view towards the island of San Michele while resting in one of the bacari (typical Venetian pub) next to the vaporetto stop.

Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV tickets and fares

Venice vaporettos are operated by the local transit authority ACTV. To travel on the water-buses, you’ll need either a single-fare ticket (valid for 75 minutes), all-day or multi-day ticket (available up to 7 days).

ACTV vaporetto tickets allow unlimited travel on public water during the validity period of the ticket you purchased.

In the following paragraph we’ll look into fare prices, the difference among the tickets and where it is more convenient to buy them.

Vaporetto ticket prices

Based on the number of days of your stay in Venice, you can choose among a variety of tickets sold by the public transit agency ACTV.
Since the fares are fixed by ACTV, you will find the same prices both at the ticket office and online.

Vaporetto tickets are available at the following prices:

  • single fare ticket (75′): 9,50€
  • 1 day ticket: 25 €
  • 2 days ticket: 35 €
  • 3 days ticket: 45 €
  • 7 days ticket: 65 €

Vaporetto line 5.2 tickets

Here you can purchase your vaporetto tickets commission free! Buy online and skip the line at the box offices.

Online tickets and physical tickets are the same price!

75′: 9.50€; 1 day: 25€; 2 days: 35€; 3 days: 45€; 7 days: 65€

Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV tickets: discounts and reductions

Here are some reductions available for vaporetto Line 5.2 ACTV:

  • Children under the age of 6 travel for free
  • Young people between the age 6 and 26 can buy discounted 3-day tickets
  • Passengers in a wheelchair can purchase discounted single-fare tickets. If accompanied, the other person does not pay.

The vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV tickets are not refundable and cannot be exchanged.
You must validate tickets before boarding. Look for the white electronic card reader near the vaporetto platform.

Which ticket is more convenient

In order to decide which vaporetto ticket would be the most convenient option for you, you should consider how many days you will stay in Venice, your itinerary and how many times a day you will commute with public transport.

Vaporetto line 5.2 offers a panoramic route all around Venice. It is therefore possible to spend an entire day visiting the major points of interest of the city travelling by boat.
Consider the distance of your destinations and how to reach them ahead of time, in order to choose the most suitable ticket for your needs.

  • If you plan on travelling mainly by vaporetto to move through the various parts of Venice (some of them can be quite far to reach by walking if you are on the opposite side of the city), you will probably take the water bus multiple times during the day.
    In this case if you use public transport at least three times in one day, then you should consider purchasing either a daily or multi-day pass.


  • On the contrary, if your hotel is located in the historic center and you plan on walking to discover the city, taking the vaporetto only to reach the most distant parts of the city or to go back to your hotel, then a single fare ticket might be the most cost-effective choice.

Buy vaporetto line 5.2 tickets

Vaporetto line 5.2 ACTV tickets are available both online and at the box offices located next to the vaporetto platforms in Venice.
The online and in-person prices are the same, however there are some advantages that only purchasing your tickets online can offer.

Buy tickets online

Most online websites allow you to purchase your vaporetto line 5.2 tickets directly on your smartphone, so you can skip the long queues in front of the box offices and go to the vaporetto platforms straight away.
You can buy your tickets ahead of time, because their validity is calculated upon the first validation.

The opportunity to buy tickets online can prove very useful even when you’re alrealy discovering Venice. Tourists often risk missing their water-bus because of the long lines at the box offices or find themselves at stops with no ticket stands.

For this reason buying online is practical. Moreover, you’ll have your tickets on your phone, so you won’t risk losing or demagnetizing them by accident.

Buy tickets at physical ticket offices

You can buy vaporetto line 5.2 tickets in person at the ticket offices in Venice (usually located next to the platforms) or in authorized retailers in the old town (recognizable by the ACTV logo)

Buying tickets at the box offices can be useful if you need to ask for directions and information, however be aware that some sellers might not speak English.
Many are the instances in which purchasing tickets in person is impractical.

ACTV ticket offices in Venice are small box-offices located outdoors, and of course can have very long queues of tourists waiting in front of them.
The space in front of the ticket offices is not covered, so you might find yourself waiting in line, exposed to the elements.
Waiting under the sun or the rain is certainly really uncomfortable, especially when travelling with children, elders or people with disabilities.

Services in the event of fog or high tide

If you plan on visiting Venice during fall or winter, you are likely to face the very typical phenomenon of high tide. In order to be fully prepared and equipped, we suggest checking the tidal flow since the vaporetto routes can sometimes vary depending on the water level.

If water reaches 95 cm the vaporetto line 5.2 service undergoes some temporary variations. Until the water level normalizes, the route via Grand Canal will be limited to the path between P.le Roma “D” and Lido S.M.E.
For further up-to-date information on line 5.2 and more, check the official ACTV site – high tide

From October to March, fog covering the canals is also very frequent. Whenever visibility is lower than 150 meters, the itinerary of the water-bus 5.2 will follow a slightly different itinerary until visibility conditions have improved.
Further information is available in the official ACTV site – services in foggy conditions.

These phenomena occur yearly, therefore we suggest organizing a flexible itinerary including a number of alternative destinations in case of bad weather and high tide.

Lastly, please note that the vaporetto line 5.2 is accessible to wheelchair users and strollers.

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